Blog Tour and Giveaway: Highland Salvation by Lori Ann Bailey

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Highland Salvation by Lori Ann Bailey

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Highland Salvation by Lori Ann BaileyTitle: Highland Salvation
Written by: Lori Ann Bailey
Series: Highland Pride #4
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication Date: April 22, 2019
Genres: Historical, Romance, Highlander, Fiction, Scottish
Pages: 307
Format: eBook

Finlay Cameron, the bastard son of an English earl and a Scottish mother, weds stunning, outgoing Blair Macnab to ensure her clan’s loyalty to King Charles. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a wife, but he suspects she may be plotting his murder.

Always considered to be nothing more than a pretty face, Blair Macnab yearns to prove her worth. She refuses to be used as a pawn for political gain, but when confronted by a blackmailer, her only option is to marry the brawny Finlay Cameron.

In Finlay’s arms, she feels safe for the first time ever. Until she learns that her blackmailer is hot on her trail and her secrets could soon be exposed…

Each book in the Highland Pride series is STANDALONE:* Highland Deception* Highland Redemption* Highland Temptation* Highland Salvation

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After the door clicked into place, Finlay bolted it then pivoted to see his wife contemplating the bath. Blair’s cheeks flushed a shade of pink to rival the prettiest roses in England.

“I hoped ye would enjoy it after our journey.”

“It looks lovely.”

“We will arrive at my estate tomorrow, and I thought it might make ye more comfortable to bathe before we arrive.”

“Aye.” She blushed.

“Dinnae be ashamed.” Approaching her, his hand fell onto her small waist. Circling behind her, he felt her shiver beneath his palm, but instead of pulling away, she leaned into his touch.

He pulled the strap binding the tip of her locks free. “I ken why ye’ve been pleating yer hair for the journey, but I prefer it down.”

“I can do that,” she said, but she made no move to pull away as he deftly unbraided the plaits.

“Nae. I’ve wanted to feel these silky strands run through my fingers.” Once the waves fell free to her waist, his fingertips roamed upward as the smooth tresses slid through his hands. He massaged the tender flesh of her scalp. Her head tilted into the movements.

He drew her hair to the side and let his hands trail down her back, savoring the feel of her fevered skin beneath her shift. The material was already loose. He reached up, pulling the gown from her shoulders and placing gentle kisses on the newly exposed skin up the curvature, along her neck.

She leaned into him for support. He continued to caress her skin, and she moaned.

“If I dinnae stop, ye will not make it into that water while ’tis still warm.” He nibbled at her ear, and she arched into him.

Tonight, he would do more than just sleep with Blair, but he was determined to do this right after the mishandled opportunities and resentments.

“Hmmm,” was her only response, as if he’d set her at ease and she was looking forward to him ravishing her. It didn’t help his self-control.

Pulling away, he instructed, “Bathe. We will have all night for me to teach ye how a woman should be cherished.”




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About Lori Ann Bailey

Winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award and Holt Medallion for Best First Book and Best Historical, Lori Ann Bailey writes hunky highland heroes and strong-willed independent lasses finding their perfect matches in the Highlands of 17th century Scotland. Writing about the people and places playing in her head helps her live out her dreams and delve into her love of history and romance. When not writing, Lori enjoys time with her real-life hero and four kids or spending time walking or drinking wine with her friends.

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